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Research Affiliates

The Center maintains a multidisciplinary group of research associates from a variety of institutions and organizations across Texas and beyond. These research associates and their major affiliation and research areas include: 

Dr. Don Brown. Former Commissioner of Higher Education in Texas. Higher Education Policy and Funding in Texas.

Dr. John Butler. Director IC2 Institute.. The University of Texas at Austin. Economic and Industrial Development.

Dr. Gary Dworkin. Professor. Department of Sociology. University of Houston. Educational Attainment and Progression in Texas Schools.

Dr. James Granato, Director, Center for Public Policy, The University of Houston. Survey Research, Public Perceptions and Public Policy Trends in Texas.

Mr. Billy Hamilton, Deputy Chancellor, Texas A&M University System.

Mr. Don Gilbert. Former Commissioner of the Texas Department of Health and Human Services. Health and Human Service Delivery in Texas.

Mr. William P. Hobby, Former Lt. Governor of Texas and Chancellor of the University of Houston System. Governance and Public Policy in Texas and Higher Education in Texas.

Dr. Mike Moses, Senior Advisor, Raise Your Hand Texas and Former Commissioner of the Texas Education Agency and superintendent of several school districts in Texas. Elementary and Secondary Education Programs, Funding and Governance.

Dr. Richard Murray, Professor. Department of Political Science. University of Houston. Texas Politics and Redistricting.

Dr. Ray Perryman. President and CEO of The Perryman Group. Texas Economy, Economic Development, and Economic Forecasting for Texas.

Dr. Nestor Rodriquez. Professor. Department of Sociology, The University of Texas at Austin. Immigration and Race and Ethnicity.

Dr. Teresa Sullivan, Provost and Professor of Sociology, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and Former Deputy Chancellor of the University of Texas System. Governance in Higher Education and Science Policy in the United States.

Mr. David Thompson, Partner in Thompson and Horton L.L.P in Houston, Legal Issues Impacting Elementary and Secondary Educational Programs and Funding in Texas.

Dr. Cruz Torres. Professor Emeritus. Texas A&M University-College Station. Rural Health. Racial and Ethnic Change.

Dr. David Warner, Professor. Lyndon Baines Johnson School of Public Affairs, The University of Texas at Austin. Health and Health Care in Texas

Dr. Don Warren, Former Director of Health and Human Services Statistical Systems, Texas Department of Human Services and now with the Department of Demography and Organization Studies, University of Texas at San Antonio. Health and Human Service Statistics and Statistical Systems.

Dr. Sarah Williams. Professor. Department of Sociology. Prairie View A&M University. Racial and Ethnic Issues in Education.

Dr.Bernard L. Weinstein, Professor. Department of Economics, the University of North Texas. Texas Economy: Past, Present and Future.

Mr. Joseph Wisnoski, Moak, Casey and Associates. He is Former Deputy Associate Commissioner for Finance in the Texas Education Agency. Elementary and Secondary Education Funding in Texas.

Dr. Mary Zey, Professor. Department of Demography and Organization Studies, University of Texas at San Antonio. Corporate and Higher Education Organizational Issues.