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Hobby Center for the Study of Texas
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Research Areas

The Center seeks to advance understanding of the causes and consequences of demographic, economic, geographic, social, service, and fiscal conditions impacting the current conditions in, and future of, Texas and related areas in the Nation. The focal research areas are:

The causes and consequences of demographic change in
Texas and the nation and the effects of differentials in growth rates, aging, racial/ethnic change, and other demographic composition factors, on social and economic factors in metropolitan and micropolitan areas, major regions and counties in Texas and other parts of the Nation
The effects of past, current and evolving social characteristics, conditions, trends and practices on the socioeconomic circumstances and opportunities of persons in different parts of Texas
The determinants and short-term and long-term consequences of current patterns of economic growth (both public and private sector based enterprises) and industrial specialization in Texas and regions in Texas and the analysis of the costs and benefits of alternative forms of economic development for the future of regions in the State and the State as a whole
       Service and Fiscal
The effects of demographic, economic, geographic, and environmental factors on the service and fiscal structures of regions within, and the State of Texas as a whole
The impacts of geographic, physical and environmental characteristics and patterns of change in areas within Texas on the socioeconomic and related characteristics of regions in Texas and across the Nation
      Other Educational and Public Outreach Activities
In addition to the applied and professional research areas the Center conducts educational training in selected areas aimed at improving the technical skills and knowledge of persons involved in policy implementation and public service administration. Examples include workshops and training programs in the area of public school administration and local governmental administration.