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The Hobby Center for the Study of Texas is an independent and objective source for the completion of research and education projects and programs focused on major issues impacting Texas and the Nation both now and in the future. The Center seeks to advance understanding of the causes and consequences of demographic, economic, geographic, social, and environmental conditions impacting the current conditions in, and future of, Texas and other areas in the Nation.


Monorail, Code Red Report, and Social Media Impact on Mental Health
From Houston Public Media: A group that reports on health care in the state is calling for the creation of a plan that would cover an estimated one million low-income, uninsured Texans. That’s one of several recommendations the Code Red Task Force published in a report earlier this month. Houston Matters’ Maggie Martin finds out more from task force chair Steve Murdock, former state demographer, and Director of the Hobby Center for the Study of Texas at Rice University.

Immigrant Surge
From The Brownsville Herald: Hundreds of thousands of immigrants, including an unprecedented number of unaccompanied minors, entered our lands illegally this past year. They were driven by crime, gangs and poverty in their homelands — most from Central America — and lured by freedoms and prosperity that they believe await them in the United States.

Interactive: Demographics of Texas' Undocumented Population
From Houston Chronicle:  Despite concerns that the undocumented immigrant population in Texas is growing, it has remained stable in recent years.

The Next 60: The Progressive Moment is Now
From Texas Observer: Our state’s governing philosophy of rugged individualism and minimal, crony government looks now like it will reign for years. But this approach, if left in place, will have severe consequences for Texas’ future.  Our state desperately needs robust public investments to ensure prosperity for our growing majority-minority population with its large percentage of disadvantaged students. If our burgeoning minority population doesn’t raise significantly its educational attainment, job skills and productivity, we all will be Texas toast. We will reside in a Third World economy.

Valuing Diversity and Investing in Our Nation's Children
From the Huffington Post: Without adequately funded education, nutrition, housing, early education and care, and other basic supports, the foundation of children's well-being is at risk. When children grow up without adequate supports, they are less able to support themselves and to contribute to economic growth as adults. . . . A continuous decline in federal support for children over the next decade bodes poorly for their future or the future of the nation.




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