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The Hobby Center for the Study of Texas is an independent and objective source for the completion of research and education projects and programs focused on major issues impacting Texas and the Nation both now and in the future. The Center seeks to advance understanding of the causes and consequences of demographic, economic, geographic, social, and environmental conditions impacting the current conditions in, and future of, Texas and other areas in the Nation.


School Vouchers, Rising in Many GOP States, Founder in Texas
From the Austin American Statesman: Texas is one of just seven states with Republican-controlled Legislatures and governorships that have stonewalled private school choice — and many others are small and rural, such as North Dakota and Wyoming. 

Harris County Drops to No. 2 Nationally in Population Growth, According to Census Data
From the Houston Chronicle: Harris County is still having substantial growth and the state is still booming," said Steve Murdock, a former Census Bureau director who heads the Hobby Center for the Study of Texas at Rice University. "I don't think this is any indication of a long-term pattern of decline for Houston. When gas and oil comes back, we will see that kind of development come back."  

Looking to the Future, Rice Experts Worry About Education, Opportunity
From the Houston Chronicle: Murdock was Texas' first state demographer and a Bush-appointed former U.S. Census Bureau director who for more than 40 years tried to educate everyone from lawmakers to business people about the state's rapidly changing population and the implications for our future. But his take was always a bit more sober, his audiences across the state sometimes a bit less friendly.  

Texas Demographer Has Given the Same Speech for 25 Years. Is Anyone Listening?
From the Texas Observer: For nearly three decades, demographer Steve Murdock has been delivering a message — a warning, really — to Texas legislators.

430,000 New Texans in One Year
From Denton Record-Chronicle: Over the last year, Texas added 432,957 residents, pushing the state’s population to almost 28 million.


Changing Texas: Implications of Addressing or Ignoring the Texas Challenge

Changing Texas
Implications of Addressing or Ignoring the Texas Challenge

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