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The Hobby Center for the Study of Texas is an independent and objective source for the completion of research and education projects and programs focused on major issues impacting Texas and the Nation both now and in the future. The Center seeks to advance understanding of the causes and consequences of demographic, economic, geographic, social, and environmental conditions impacting the current conditions in, and future of, Texas and other areas in the Nation.


Hobby Center Seeks Researchers
The Hobby Center for the Study of Texas is seeking a Research Analyst and Research Programmer to work on a new, high profile project to analyze housing and demographic change in the Houston Metropolitan Area.  For more information, see Rice's recruiting homepage (jobs.rice.edu) or the specific listings for these jobs:Research Analyst and Research Programmer (GIS/SAS).

Q&A: Richard Parker on Texas' Delay in Becoming a Purple State
From The Dallas Morning News: Journalist Richard Parker has looked deeply into Texas’ past to understand its future. His new book, “Lone Star Nation: How Texas Will Transform America,” explores how the state will change in coming years and how, in turn, it will change the country. The state’s place as an economic and cultural power is all but assured. But the future Texas, with a strong Hispanic majority, will be a far different place from the Texas many of us know now, he writes. 

Panelists: Investment in Texas Infrastructure Must Follow State Growth
From The Dallas Morning News: Now that Texas is in its second decade of phenomenal population growth, the state must focus on improving education and infrastructure to maintain its competitiveness and the quality of life that attracted people in the first place, a panel of economists and sociologists suggested Friday. 

Storm Warning: Demographer Says Lagging Education Spending Will Harm Economy
From The Brownsville Herald: Steve Murdock, founder of Rice University’s Hobby Center for the Study of Texas and former Texas state demographer, unleashed a blizzard of statistics on the crowd at the annual Brownsville Chamber of Commerce Leadership Banquet that took place Oct. 30. The numbers packing his PowerPoint presentation were frankly eye-crossing, though Murdock managed to tease out a very clear — and sobering — picture of what the future may look like economically.    

Brownsville Chamber Chief: Big Projects on Agenda for Coming Year
From The Brownsville Herald: Brownsville Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Maria Hall celebrated her first year at the helm, while outgoing directors and chairman were recognized during the organization’s annual leadership banquet, held Oct. 30 at the Brownsville Events Center. Steve Murdock, founder of the Rice University Hobby Center for the Study of Texas, delivered the keynote address: “Population Change in the United States, Texas and South Texas: Implications for Education and Socioeconomic Development.




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